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Almost every picture we ever see of models, celebrities and actresses is altered before it gets to publication. And I don’t just mean by one clever use of Photoshop. Before a photograph gets onto a front page or and editorial spread, the image, the original photograph, has been changed in hundreds of tiny different ways, mostly by being run through the use of multiple clever software packages. The different software applications will change the lighting to be more flattering, sculpt the body, by shaving off a few pounds, and smoothing the skin so you never see any pores – plus many more things that we at home could never even dream about. is about making women feel beautiful and confident. It’s about having a picture in our purse or handbag that reminds us that we too can look like those women in magazines or advertisements.

Beauty advertisements promise us beauty, but rarely deliver. And how can they, because the women in those advertisements for night creams or foundation, are perfectly airbrushed. And don’t get me started about mascara! How on earth companies are allowed to go on TV and promise great lashes, with small text at the bottom of the screen, which says, filmed with lash inserts – or digitally manipulated, well, I’ll never know.

Rant over- if you want a picture of a series of photographs that capture you at your best; and by best, I mean, give yourself the same treatment that the celebrities of today are given, then call me or drop me an email. I work with my photographer husband, (a self- confessed photographic software geek, and IT consultant) and we work together to give you a makeover and, take a series of pictures which will make you feel beautiful.

You too can live up to the media definition of beauty – let us prove it.

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